About NNEDshare

NNEDshare is a collaborative space to share resources and intervention efforts to improve the delivery of behavioral health care interventions in diverse populations, learn about resources and innovative community efforts across the county, and connect with others to learn from you and support your efforts.

Contribute to the sharing of community-based knowledge of cultural, indigenous, and community-based best resources and practices. By submitting a resource, your intervention, or idea, you will help a community of learners interested in addressing behavioral health disparities and reduce the tendency to “reinvent the wheel.” NNED members will both learn from you and can support your own efforts to design and implement interventions in your community.

The NNED is interested in interventions that aim to improve and/or reduce behavioral health care disparities and promote behavioral health equity among diverse populations. We use the term “interventions” to include activities like community engagement and outreach, public education campaigns, new or altered practices, services, process, policies, systems, organizational structure, or business models.

While we are interested in innovative culturally-appropriate interventions, we recognize that the term “innovation” can mean different things to different people, depending on your sector, organization, or other contextual factors. So don’t let the term “innovation” deter you from submitting an idea.