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Welcome to NNEDshare!

A collaborative space to share, learn, and connect with community members across the country.

What is NNEDshare?

NNEDshare is a collaborative space to share resources and intervention efforts to improve the delivery of behavioral health care interventions in diverse populations, learn about resources and innovative community efforts across the county, and connect with others to learn from you and support your efforts. 

How do I browse or search for resources or innovative interventions?

There are several ways to view or find a resource or intervention. You can click on the Resource Library or Innovative Interventions link in the top menu to browse a list or select a category in the right menu box. To perform a search, simply type in keywords into the Search box in the top right hand corner of this screen. Innovative interventions submitted by NNED members are indicated by an asterisk (*) at the end of the title.

Why participate in NNEDshare?

Contribute to the sharing of community-based knowledge of cultural, indigenous, and community-based best resources and practices. By submitting a resource, your intervention, or idea, you will help a community of learners interested in addressing behavioral health disparities and reduce the tendency to “reinvent the wheel.” NNED members will both learn from you and can support your own efforts to design and implement interventions in your community.

What kinds of interventions or ideas can I submit?

The NNED is interested in interventions that aim to improve and/or reduce behavioral health care disparities and promote behavioral health equity among diverse populations. We use the term “interventions” to include activities like community engagement and outreach, public education campaigns, new or altered practices, services, process, policies, systems, organizational structure, or business models.

While we are interested in innovative culturally-appropriate interventions, we recognize that the term “innovation” can mean different things to different people, depending on your sector, organization, or other contextual factors. So don’t let the term “innovation” deter you from submitting an idea.

How do I submit an idea or intervention to NNEDshare?

To submit an intervention for our considerations, please click on the “I’d like to share” button on the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to provide to following information: Name or title of the intervention, contact information, a brief description, population of focus, setting, geographic location, infrastructure and/or provider requirements, results, funding sources, and a tag line for your intervention. We also encourage you to upload supporting documents, pictures, and/or videos.

After reviewing and evaluating your submission against the minimum criteria, the NNEDshare Team may contact you for further information. If your submission is accepted, the NNEDshare Team will confirm that you can speak on behalf of your organization, and that NNEDshare has permission to link to any pertinent websites, videos or pictures. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send your description and information for review and comment before posting it on NNEDshare.


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