The Ultimate Guide to Helping Those in Need of Addiction Recovery From Cannabis and Other Substances

With the growing number of Americans trying and using marijuana, it is important to address addiction. It is equally necessary to stress that there is nothing shameful about experiencing it. Addiction affects everyone regardless of gender, age, race, or other socioeconomic factors. While many would prefer to focus on the magnitude of the “harder” drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, the percentage of those trying and using cannabis is far higher. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported that the use of other drugs had plateaued or decreased over the past decade while marijuana use has continued to increase since 2007.

Depending on the substance, addiction comes with some glaring effects and behaviors. While cannabis addiction might not present as extreme as other drugs, there are ways to identify it whether within yourself or your loved ones.

This guide delves into identifying and treating cannabis addiction, as well as the side effects of dependence and withdrawal. The guide offers expert advice from substance use treatment counselors and an interactive map to find treatment centers across the country. Families learning how to help loved ones recovering from addiction can also find post-treatment support information and resources.

Population of Focus: Individuals experiencing addiction and families supporting them

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