Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Resources on Discrimination, Anti-Asian Racism, and Trauma

Reports of anti-Asian violence and harassment are once again on the rise—including the horrific murders of six Asian women in a mass shooting in Atlanta.

From March 19, 2020 through February 28, 2021, there were 3,795 incidents of coronavirus-related verbal harassment, shunning, and physical assault on Asian Americans across the U.S. reported to the STOP AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) HATE reporting center. Asians of all ethnicities are being racially profiled, and women are two and a half times as likely to be targeted, the group reports. Asian Americans face coronavirus discrimination in public and at businesses, especially grocery stores, pharmacies, and big box retail stores.

It’s as important today as ever to educate people and the community about these issues, stand up to racism wherever it is seen, and work to build the safe, inclusive communities that everyone deserves.

Population of focus: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

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Date: 2021