Equity in Mental Health Framework: Recommendations for Colleges and Universities

College students of color are more likely than their white peers to report feeling overwhelmed most or all of the time during their first term on campus and less likely to seek help, a report from the Steve Fund and JED finds. Based on a literature review, a survey of existing evidence-based programs, input from mental health and higher education leaders, and a survey of more than a thousand college students, the report, offers strategies for addressing the risk of mental health issues among, and better supporting the well-being of, students of color.

Recommendations include encouraging students to seek help for any mental health or emotional well-being issues they may have; tasking staff members to monitor the well-being and success of students of color on campus; helping students learn about the mental health services available to them; and using culturally relevant programs and practices and data on the effectiveness of those programs to ensure that students of color are being well served.

Population of focus: students of color

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Date: 2018