De Madre a Madre: Empowering Hispanic Mothers-to-Be

With support from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), the De Madre a Madre team developed a series of culturally relevant stories to empower Hispanic mothers-to-be. Pregnancy and caring for newborns can be daunting times of life for new mothers, with unanticipated challenges and obstacles. For the 11 million Hispanic women in their childbearing years in the United States, this can be overwhelming as they are twice as likely to receive late or no prenatal care than non-Hispanic white women are.

A grant from NIMHD augments those resources, supporting a program that provides educational groups for Hispanic women using the De Madre a Madre prenatal care photonovels to help guide them through pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal experiences. Photonovels, which are similar to comic books but illustrated with photographs, are popular in Mexico and Latin America.

Population of focus: Hispanic mothers-to-be

Links to resource:

  • View the collection of De Madre a Madre photonovels
  • Learn about the research supporting the effectiveness of photonovels and experiential learning activities in improving health literacy and empowering low-income, expecting Latinas
  • Read more about NIMHD’s support for this program

Date: 2018