Delivering Community Benefit: Healthy Food Playbook

The “Delivering Community Benefit: Healthy Food Playbook” is a suite of resources to support hospital community benefit professionals and community partners in developing community health interventions that promote healthy food access and healthier food environments.

If a facility has identified obesity, food access, or diet-related health conditions among the priority health needs in its community health needs assessment (CHNA), then initiatives to promote healthy food access and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can be important components of an implementation strategy to address these needs.

The playbook has several sections with resources to support different stages of the community benefit or community health planning process. Each resource provides examples and links to learn more.

These resources can inspire and strengthen your efforts to promote healthy and vibrant communities with healthy, sustainable, and equitable community food systems.

Links to resource:

  • View the full website Delivering Community Benefit: Healthy Food Playbook to learn and accelerate best practices to promote healthy food access and healthier food systems
  • Read the research reportCommunity Benefit Programming to Improve Healthy Food Access and Reduce the Risk of Diet-Related Disease (pdf)
  • Learn about food insecurity, screening practices and tools, and strategies to improve an individual’s food security
  • Find resources to assist in planning and conducting a community needs assessment
  • Learn from different programs and partnerships to create your own implementation strategy
  • Learn how to evaluate, report, and communicate results of your intervention
  • Read case studies from communities who have implemented food security interventions
  • Learn more about the organization that created the playbook, Health Care Without Harm

Date: 2018