United Invitations: Welcoming New Immigrants into Communities

United Invitations is a welcoming movement that has been growing very quickly across Europe and the world (nearly 350 host sites in the United States). As levels of migration grow and fear and uncertainty escalate, this is a simple idea that brings people together, no matter what their background, to share a meal. It’s all about food, language and social interaction.

People arrive in new communities every day, some have been here for years but it can be very difficult to find a place in our society, often not having the opportunity to meet and talk to others who live here. The best way to learn a new language is by speaking it regularly, but many immigrants do not know a single native speaker. On the other hand, many people also do not know any newly arrived immigrants. By coming together and sharing a meal, cultural and language barriers can be broken down.

Population of Focus: Immigrants

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Date: 2017