Alano Club of Portland’s “Recovery Toolkit Series”

The Alano Club of Portland has been a crucial presence in Oregon’s recovery support landscape since it was established in 1947, offering life-saving services on a no-cost basis to many who are unable to afford formal treatment. Initially, the Club served as a 12-step focused center, but its programming has evolved alongside a growing understanding of many effective means of recovering from a substance use disorder (SUD). In addition to holding more than 125 weekly mutual aid support meetings, yoga, and meditation, the Club offers the Recovery Toolkit Series (RTS), an innovative, evidence-based, and holistic program for persons in recovery from an SUD.

This pioneering initiative is the nation’s first of its kind, and already has gained widespread recognition. Participation in the Recovery Toolkit Series is free, which removes the barrier to treatment for those who cannot afford to pay for formal treatment. Many treatment programs in the US apply a one-size-fits-all model when treating people for an SUD, whereas the Club’s position is that a person’s recovery status should always come first, which means that their path should be self-directed and their system of supports should be personalized.

Population of Focus: persons recovering from SUD, people of all socioeconomic statuses

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