Status of Hispanic Older Adults: Insights from the Field

Latino seniors are likely to lack retirement savings, access to health insurance, and affordable housing, a report from the National Hispanic Council on Aging finds. Based on a literature review, community forums, and a survey, the report found that Latino seniors also face high rates of food insecurity, Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, and that they struggle to access assistance programs for food, housing, and health despite being eligible for them. Funded by the Aetna Foundation, AARP, Humana, Lilly, PhRMA, Univision, Verizon, Walmart, and other corporations and organizations, the report calls on local, state, and national leaders to prioritize the needs of diverse aging communities; expand job training and placement programs for older adults; ensure that benefits and programs address the needs of older Latino adults; bridge existing information gaps between social assistance programs; and establish requirements for employers to provide paid leave, including family leave for care providers, to all employees.

Population of focus: Hispanic or Latino

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Date: 2016

Organization: National Hispanic Council on Aging