Gender Injustice: System-Level Juvenile Justice Reforms for Girls

The National Crittenton Foundation, in partnership with the National Women’s Law Center, has released “Gender Injustice: System-Level Juvenile Justice Reforms for Girls.” The report presents research and data showing that, in the last two decades, girls’ presence in the juvenile justice system has increased at all stages of the process. Key findings include the following:

  • Despite overall declining juvenile arrest rates, arrests for girls have increased by 45 percent.
  • Court caseloads for girls have increased 40 percent.
  • The number of girls in detention has increased 40 percent.
  • Post-adjudication probation increased 44 percent.
  • Post-adjudication placement increased 42 percent.

The report makes nine reform recommendations, including decriminalizing girls’ behavior linked to trauma, engaging families, addressing unnecessary detention of girls, and enacting trauma-informed approaches and evidence-informed practices.

Population of focus: Adolescent girls

Link to resource: 

Date: 2015

Organization: The National Crittenton Foundation