Latino Voices: The Impacts of Crime and Criminal Justice Policies on Latinos

Latino Voices is a report on Latino experiences with crime and the criminal justice system in California. The report is available in English and Spanish. Here are some statistics from the report:

Victims of Crime

  • Latinos are murdered twice as much as whites in California — and more by strangers.
  • Latinos are more likely to be shot and burglarized than whites.
  • Hate crimes against Latinos rise as immigration increases.
  • California Latinos experienced more repeat crimes than survivors overall.
  • Half of Latino survivors are unaware of recovery services.

Unequal Treatment in the System

  • Latinos awaiting trial were more likely to be denied bail, or their bail was set higher than African Americans or whites.
  • Latinos were 44% more likely to be incarcerated than whites for the same crimes.

Latinos Support Change

  • California Latino voters want officials to focus on less incarceration, not more
  • They want more supervised probation and rehabilitation by a five-to-one margin over sending more people to jail/prison.
  • Eight in 10 support shortening long sentences and using the savings for education, health services and prevention.

Population of focus: Latinos in California

Links to resource:

Date: 2014

Organization: Californians for Safety and Justice