Strategies for Behavioral Health Organizations to Promote New Health Insurance Opportunities in Latino and Hispanic Communities

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides new health care options for Americans. The ACA brings affordable health insurance coverage and expanded access to mental health and substance use disorder services to millions of Americans. Community outreach and enrollment efforts can play a vital role in making sure that uninsured individuals learn about new health insurance opportunities. Organizations, including behavioral health providers, working with Latino and Hispanic individuals and families face unique outreach and enrollment challenges. Some of those challenges include homelessness, isolated communities with few English speakers, past experiences with discrimination, and financial barriers such as high out-of-pocket medical expenses
and prescription costs.

This strategy brief provides 10 strategies that your organization can use to help introduce Latino and Hispanic individuals and families to the new health insurance options. Examples are provided from organizations that have successfully used these strategies.

Population of focus: Latino and Hispanic Communities

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Date: 2014

Organization: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration