Using Evidence Informed Principles in Juvenile Justice: Lowering Recidivism, Reducing Secure Detention and Promoting Positive Youth Development

This webinar showcased concrete examples of how state level programs are helping to improve outcomes within state level juvenile justice systems and the populations they serve. This webinar looked at how policy changes related to status offenders have impacted secure detention and how evidence driven approaches to juvenile justice can make communities safer, save taxpayers money and allow for more prudent allocation of scarce resources. The presenters for this webinar include: Tara Andrews, deputy director for policy and programs, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, Brian Bumbarger, founding director of the Evidence-Based Prevention and Intervention Support Center at Pennsylvania State University and David Jones deputy secretary, Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Population of focus: Administrators, policy makers and individuals who work with youth in the juvenile justice system

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Date: 2011

Organization: National Criminal Justice Association