Systematically Targeting AIDS Reduction and Treatment

NNEDLearn 2013 Participant: International Black Women’s Congress

Description: The program’s goal is to provide HIV prevention and education to the underserved and hard-to-reach African American community.

The agency is located in the oldest, low-income Black community in Norfolk; surrounded by three public housing developments. The agency is staffed by multigenerational, community-based persons who mirror the target population. Staff who are affected and some staff who are infected by HIV/AIDS.

The agency undertakes distribution of condoms and educational material, conducts health fairs and daily HIV testing at the office. Cash incentive of $5 if provided for completing testing.

Since 2010 the agency has rapid tested more than 2,000 individuals, identified 15 HIV+ individuals and helped them get into care.

Population of focus: High-risk African American youth and adults, including women; and men who have sex with men, and their network.

Setting: Door-to-door, community health fairs and centers, churches, beauty salons, gay bars, gay internet chat sites.

Level of focus: Individuals, Community

Background: In 1988, CDC identified high-incidence HIV areas/ communities. CDC funded Minority AIDS Projects targeting disproportionately affected populations. International Black Women’s Congress, located in Norfolk, VA, began offering HIV prevention and education services in 2000. One of the first Black community-based organizations in Virginia to target women.


Cynthia Rogers
Chief Operating Officer
International Black Women’s Congress