Intimate Partner Violence among Asian Americans and their Use of Mental Health Services

Studies have been conducted on intimate partner violence (IPV) among Asian Americans, but knowledge on their use of mental health services is limited. This study seeks to fill this gap by using a national sample to examine Asian victims’ use of mental health services. The authors analyzed data from the Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys. The dependent variable was use of mental health services. The independent variables included race, employment, and the type of IPV. Results showed that Asian victims used the service less than other racial groups. The rates of use of mental health services were lower among older people and men. The lowest rate of mental health service use among Asian victims indicates a possible gap between their needs to be met and mental health services available to them. It is crucial to increase access to mental health services for ethnic minorities.

Population of focus: Asian American Women

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Date: 2012

Journal: Immigrant Minority Health