Fishing for Fitness: Promoting Good Health in Cambodian Boys and Men

NNEDLearn 2013 Participant: The Cambodian Family

Description: The Fishing for Fitness project incorporates cultural activities for Cambodian boys and men. The health education is then delivered through group discussions and focuses on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and mental health. Food and snacks are served during the events.

The idea for the project came about when the agency was finding ways to attract men to participate in health program activities, and encourage them to communicate with their sons. Fishing was a good solution since it creates a bond between fathers and sons through a shared activity.

Population of focus: Cambodian boys and men

Setting: Community center, parks and recreation

Level of Intervention: Individual, Community

Background: The Cambodian Family created the Fishing for Fitness Project in Partnership with Khmer Health Advocate and was first implemented in 2011. Fishing licenses were bought for participants and fishing activities were organized.


Sundaram Rama
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