Engaging Patients, Staff and Community Members to Improve Health

Objective: To engage patients, clinic staff and community members in collaborative efforts to improve client health and address community concerns

Description: As a health clinic, Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corporation, Inc. (MQVN) provides services to individual through their diabetes program. They have a patient panel that encourages individuals to provide feedback to the clinical staff. This encourages patients to play an active role and helps engage them in their own healthcare. If a patient’s weight goes above the target weight, clinic staff will engage the patient and work with him or her through a community forum or intervention. By offering a much needed service, MQVN has gained the trust of the community that feels MQVN has something to offer. In addition to direct services, MQVN continues to hose a series of forums in Vietnamese to discuss community concerns. Many are still suffering from the effects of hurricane Katrina and the oil spill that devastated their community. MQVN strengthens its outreach efforts by collaborating with many local community based behavioral health organizations, health clinics and hospitals, faith based organizations, Tulane University and legal services that address immigration.

Population of Focus: Asian, Immigrant, Limited English Proficient, Adults, Elderly

Setting: Community health center

Level of Intervention: Individual, Community

Background: The mission of Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corporation, Inc. is to preserve and promote the unique diversity and quality of life for the residents in the Greater New Orleans area with a focus on improving the overall health and mental health of their community. Together with community partners, they address health care, environmental and agricultural concerns, education, housing, social services, economic development, culture and arts. MQVN provides services to families, adults, and the elderly. The primary languages for services include Vietnamese, Spanish, and English. The health center associated with MQVN served about 6000 clients in 2012.  Of the 6000, approximately 728 were Medicaid eligible. The majority of individuals were Vietnamese, Latino, African American, and a few Caucasian.  45% of MQVN’s population are Medicaid eligible. 9% have health insurance and 40% are not covered.


Diem Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer
MQVN Community Development Corp. dba NOELA Community Health Center
4626 Alcee Fortier Blvd., Suite E
New Orleans, LA 70129