Health and Wellness Online Community for Black Women

Objective: To promote physical and mental health and wellness among African American women.

Description: (BWH) is an online community founded by David P. Pryor, M.D., a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. This site informs the community about health issues through articles and current events and is dedicated to helping community members reach their peak level of happiness, health and productivity. Individuals can also submit questions to medical, fitness and nutrition experts. BWH desires to build a network of women who support and celebrate each other’s successes as they make strides in their personal journey to maximized wellness.

Background: Dr. Pryor’s inspiration and vision for this website came about as a result of his daily observations and interactions with his patients as a practicing physician. He witnessed the need to more effectively tailor information to the healthcare needs and concerns of African American women through culturally specific health promotion, patient education and empowerment. Dr. Pryor has seen first hand how one’s physical, mental and spiritual outlook impacts physical wellness.

Setting: Virtual/web-based

Level of Intervention: Individual

Resources/Qualifications Needed: Team of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, exercise specialists and other health professionals, lifestyle and wellness experts

Population of Focus: African American women, Adults

Additional Information:


David P. Pryor, MD, MPH
Black Women’s Health Imperative
(202) 548-4000
1726 M Street, N.W., Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20036