Medicare Part D Enrollment Assistance

Objective: To provide a familiar, comfortable atmosphere with time for Q&A for patients to better understand services being offered at the center. To ensure that patients are adequately informed of their coverage options in order to select the best Medicare Part D plan for them.

Description: This enrollment program began in 2006 with the implementation of Medicare Part D. Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC) provides individual counseling to review current Medicare Part D coverage and help make recommendations to the patient for the best and most cost-effective plan for the upcoming year. This education will further prevent them from incurring unnecessary expenses when filling prescription medications outside of the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic.Due to the changes that occur within the plans every year and the re-enrollment process, many patients do not fully understand the importance of reviewing their Medicare Part D coverage. OKCIC provides counseling services at the clinic location, by mail, phone or other modes that are convenient for the patient.

Population of Focus: Adolescents, Adults, American Indian or Alaska Native, Children, Elderly, Transition aged

Setting: Primary care facility, Urban, Virtual/web-based

Level of Intervention: Individual

Resources/Qualifications Needed

Training Materials: 

  • Annual Ship Training-Oklahoma Insurance Dept., Medicare Train the Trainer/CMS
  • Medicare Part D questionnaire, Medicare Part D enrollment log, Drug Plan Comparison, Part D Enrollment confirmation
  • Social Security. Gov – Extra Help Application, website – Plan Finder
  • Indian Healthcare Improvement Act Amendments of 1988 PL 100-713

Outreach Materials: Part D questionnaire and Open Enrollment letter, Our Health/Our Community letter, Annual Creditable Coverage Letter notice.

Partners: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services training/Medicare website.


Michelle Baker, Benefits Technician
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic
4913 West Reno Ave., OKC, OK 73127