Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program Enrollment Assistance for American Indian and Alaska Native Children

Objective: To increase enrollment of American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) children in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or Medicaid through education and events.

Description: United American Indian Involvement (UAII) was awarded the Children’s Health Insurance Program in April 2010 to provide enrollment assistance to uninsured AI/AN children and their families residing in Los Angeles County. One of the main issues to address at UAII is the clients’ fear that if they obtain Medi-Cal or other forms of insurance, they will be restricted from receiving services from the agency.  Another issue is the awareness of eligibility–many families don’t know they are eligible and therefore never apply.

Program staff developed outreach materials to raise awareness about Medicaid and CHIP resources and assistance services at UAII. Program staff provided outreach at community events, Native churches, Native organizations, and individual homes. Program staff assessed clients for eligibility for Medicaid and Healthy Families, and assisted clients with the application process and provided appropriate follow up.

Population of Focus: American Indian or Alaska Native, Adolescents, Children, Transition aged, Women

Setting: Community center; Community health center; Local, county or state department/office; Parks & recreation; Primary care facility; School; Urban

Level of Intervention: Family, Individual

Resources/Qualifications Needed: Hired an Outreach Coordinator to develop outreach materials; and provide outreach, education and recruitment at community events, Native Churches, Native organizations, individual homes, pow wows, health fairs, and AI/AN university clubs/groups. Also hired a Patient Benefit Coordinator to assess clients for eligibility for Medicaid and Healthy Families (or additional services), assist clients with the application process and provide appropriate follow-up services, and develop a database to record, track, and analyze data gathered from interviews and RPMS.

Partners: UAII often collaborates with other departments in the agency on events and activities including Clubhouse, 7 Generations Holiday Celebrations in December, workshops, and presentations.  Clubhouse provides education, recreation, and health prevention to youths ages 5-18. Collaborative activities also occur with local AI/AN agencies such as the Indian Revival Church, the Southern California Indian Center, the Puku, the Gabrieleno Tongva tribe, Torres Martinez Tribal TANF, the American Indian Healing Center, and Title VII LAUSD in order to promote CHIP and establish contacts for the Outreach Coordinator and Patient Benefit Coordinator.


Trang Do, Associate Director
United American Indian Involvement
1125 West 6th Street, Ste 103, Los Angeles, CA 90017