SIMS Foundation: Mental Health Services for Austin Musicians

Austin musicians often struggle financially and cannot afford mental health services when they need them most. Research shows that untreated mental illness can lead to incarceration, an inability to work, loss of housing and strained relationships, all of which effect our families as well as the greater community. SIMS provides a range of life-saving mental health services to 800 clients per year. 98% of clients report an improvement in symptoms after initiating SIMS services.

No Tenga Pena (SIMS Latino Outreach): Latinos are at higher risk for depression, anxiety and substance abuse, yet are significantly less likely to seek professional help. SIMS created a video to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction, and to encourage people, particularly Latino musicians, to ask for help.

SIMS FOUNDATION – PSA from Lucky Rabbit Films on Vimeo.

Population of focus: Musicians in Austin, TX

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Organization: SIMS Foundation

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