Renovacion Conyugal: Developing Strong Families

NNEDLearn 2012 Participant: Renovacion Conyugal

Founded in 2001 by Miguel and Belisa Urbina, a couple who had worked for many years helping other couples in their native Puerto Rico. After moving to Georgia they realized the lack of support for Latino families in the state, and with the assistance of Colombian born catholic priest Fr. Hernan Quevedo started the first and only culturally sensitive, comprehensive, multidisciplinary social services program for Latino youth and families in Georgia.

Population of focus

  • Latino youth ages 13-18
  • Latino Parents
  • Latino Couples
  • Community and Government agencies through Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency Program
  • Taller de Parejas: The first Couple’s Workshop took place in Marietta, Georgia, on March 31, 2001. At that time there was not a single program in Spanish geared towards Latino couples that could create an enriching and complete experience to help them improve their communication and increase their commitment to the relationship.
  • Escuela Para Padres: Many of these couples were also struggling with a lack of effective parenting skills. With the help Dr. Juan Jose Genovard, renowned psychologist and author of parenting books, Renovacion Conyugal developed a very successful parenting curriculum congruent with the core values of the couples’ workshops.
  • Renovacion Juvenil: The project helps Latino youth and their families have better communication and relationship. It provides them with tools to prevent drug abuse, low self-esteem, participation in gangs, teen pregnancy and alcohol abuse while also helping them to adapt to the reality of living in a dual-culture. From the beginning, the program was prepared, led and presented by other Latino Teenagers and young adults creating excellent peer interaction and modeling.


Renovacion Conyugal is a complete family services program for Latinos entirely run by volunteers.

  • Members conduct community outreach
  • People participate at workshops
  • People participate at events
  • A “Lessons Learned” testimony is given as new Graduates of the program become Speakers
  • Programs are sustained as Graduates from the workshops become volunteers
  • Workshops are evaluated and improved to keep relevant to the community
  • The cycle starts over — volunteers conduct community outreach


Miguel & Belisa Urbina
(678) 363-307e
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