Resources for Supporting Racial Justice and Mental Health in the Black Community

Suffolk University’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CSDI) has compiled a list of resources to help support members of the Black community and educate others on how they can effectively practice allyship in the fight against systemic racism. The NNED has added to the list also and will be continuously updating the resources on this page for the Black community.

Self-Care for the Black Community

This website contains resources to therapists and hotlines specifically for Black folk

Accountability & Action Resources

This is a living document of actions people can take to support change. This resource has petitions, places to donate, letter templates, scripts for phone calling, and much more. Created by Carlisa Johnson @girlonthegowithafro (twitter/instagram)

This document has a large table of contents and is collecting events, petitions, places to donate, protesting resources, self-education resources, and provides ways to reach out to your officials when asking for justice for the many lives lost by anti-Black violence. Created by @ambivalcnt (twitter)

This list, created by Lesbiapart France, has a variety of international focused resources for getting involved as well as several Black LGBTQ+/Queer centered resources that folks can get involved with and support.

This document contains a bunch of information on your rights and provides tips when protesting (both in person and on social media) and if you have been detained or someone you know has been detained. It also has resources for low-cost ways to help the movement and places to donate. Created by @babyindifera (twitter/instagram)

This resource has a variety of links for getting involved. Created by @dehyedration (twitter)

A guide to starting anti-racist conversations for non-Black people of Color.


Black History & Activism




Videos & Film

Population: Everyone

Date: 2020.


  1. Shaylee Packer

    July 28, 2020

    I didn’t realize that there was a list to find out where you can donate to promote change. My sister would like to be very involved in the changes that are happening with race justice. I will have to share this list with her, so she knows where she can go to help.