National Opioid Misuse Community Assessment Tool

Prescription and illicit opioids killed more than 42,000 Americans in 2016, more than five times the number in 1999. The toll of the epidemic is so great that it contributed to the first decline in U.S. life expectancy since 1993.

To better understand the national opioid crisis and inform effective conversations and interventions, NORC at the University of Chicago and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s USDA Rural Development created this interactive map that allows users to locate overdose hotspots and overlay them with data that provide additional context to opioid addiction and death, including the strength and diversity of local economies, ethnicity, educational attainment, and disability status of residents.

Links to resource:

  • Access the interactive map from NORC
  • Learn more about NORC, an objective, non-partisan research institution that delivers reliable data and rigorous analysis to guide critical programmatic, business, and policy decisions.
  • Learn more about the USDA’s response to the opioid crisis

Date: 2018