Haumea: Transforming the Health of Native Hawaiian Women and Empowering Wāhine Well-Being

This new publication from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs examines important issues impacting Native Hawaiian females from keiki to kupuna, including mental and emotional well-being, suicidality, physical health, chronic diseases, maternal and child health, intimate partner violence, incarceration, economic wellness, poverty rates, underrepresented occupations, gender wage gaps, and much more. The report also underscores the importance of investing in community and culture as a source of resilience and well-being for Native Hawaiians. Haumea includes system-wide recommendations for policy and programmatic consideration to help elevate women’s well-being as a priority in Hawaiʻi.

“The data shows a significant gap between the health and well-being of the general population and Native Hawaiian women. Like Haumea, we must give life to the change we wish to see. We can overcome the systemic obstacles wāhine face by advocating for policy changes and educating the public and decision makers on the needs of wāhine to expand the models of hope and resiliency. By investing in our culture and our community we can transform these health disparities to empower our wāhine at every stage of life.”

Population of focus: Native Hawaiian females

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Date: 2018