Engaging New Allies in the Health Equity Movement

This report summarizes highlights and recommendations that emerged from Health Equity Initiative’s 2018 Summit Innovation Think Tanks. The Think Tanks format was instrumental to facilitate a consultative process and enabled summit participants to develop a shared vision on four important themes, which the Summit explored also via panel discussions:

  • Strategies and Models for Multisectoral Partnerships for Health Equity;
  • Race, Racism, and Health Equity;
  • Poverty and Health Equity;
  • Gender, LGBTQIA+, and Health Equity.

This report includes overall and topic-specific recommendations that emerged from the Think Tanks as well as conclusions, next steps, and promising strategies for multisectoral collaborations and interventions to overcome social discrimination and other key barriers to health equity across issues of racism, poverty, and gender/LGBTQIA+ bias. The report is complemented by the Mind Maps developed by Think Tank participants.

Links to resource:

  • View the full report Engaging New Allies in the Health Equity Movement: Highlights and Recommendations from the 2018 Summit’s Innovation Think Tanks (pdf)
  • Learn more about the Health Equity Initiative
  • Learn more about the Summit Innovation Think Tanks and Mind Maps

Date: 2018