Affordable Care Act: What Native Youth Need To Know Toolkit

With the passing the Affordable Care Act, American Indian and Alaska Native individuals (AI/AN) received unprecedented access health care systems. Special benefits and protections specifically codified for improved access to quality healthcare systems were put in place for AI/AN’s. The National Indian Health Board works daily with a variety of federal partners provide outreach and education to AI/AN’s on this important law. For this reason the National Indian Health Board has developed a campaign focused specifically on engaging Native Youth across Indian Country about their rights and access to quality health care in this country. By empowering youth with the knowledge about how to protect their health beyond the resources formally provided to them, they not only benefit directly, but become valuable advocates in their community for health care reform in Indian Country.

The “Affordable Care Act: What Native Youth Need To Know” toolkit comprises of a brochure and poster series and a short film production. The film featured in this toolkit follows future leaders of Indian Country as they experience Washington D.C. at the NIHB Youth Summit and interact with members of the Senate, leading policy officials, and engage with concepts of the Affordable Care Act and Tribal healthcare. The film then follows several of these Native leaders to their home communities where they reflect on the lessons they learned in Washington D.C. and the importance of Tribal health care reform for them and their communities. The story told through this toolkit is one that is a matter of quality of life for many youth, elders, and families across Indian Country.

The objectives of this new Toolkit are as follows:

  • Introduce Native youth to concepts of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and health insurance coverages.
  • Encourage Native youth to learn more about concepts of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and health insurance coverages from their local Patient Benefit Coordinator (PBC) or Enrollment Assistor Entities.
  • Engage Native youth to become advocates for Tribal Health Care Reform and resources for a healthier Indian Country.

Population of focus: American Indian and Alaska Native youth

Link to resource: Affordable Care Act — What Native Youth Need To Know Toolkit

Date: 2016

Organization: National Indian Health Board