Prompting Discussions of Youth Violence Using Electronic Previsit Questionnaires in Primary Care

This study aimed to determine the efficacy of an electronic previsit questionnaire (PVQ) in prompting youth violence (YV) discussions. The authors found that, overall, 30 percent of adolescents reported some YV involvement. Sixty-five percent of the intervention group and 42 percent of the control group reported discussing YV during their visit. Thirty-one percent of adolescents in the intervention group who disclosed YV involvement reported not having a YV discussion. Adolescents in the intervention group were 2.6 times more likely to discuss YV than those in the control group. Sixty-six percent of adolescents who discussed YV with their doctor rated the discussion as very helpful. The authors conclude that “an electronic PVQ with items related to YV is acceptable and feasible, and it significantly improves frequency of patient-provider YV discussion.”

Population of focus: Youth

Link to resource: Abstract of study

Date: 2015

Journal: Academic Pediatrics