The State of Latinos in the Deep South: Challenges & Opportunities

Latinos/Hispanics continue to be one of the fastest growing population in Southern states, and the entire nation. The Southern region faces unique challenges and opportunities for Latinos in all areas that impact the overall state of Latino day-to-day life and health conditions.

The Latinos in the Deep South Program of the Latino Commission on AIDS has released a groundbreaking publication, The State of Latinos in the Deep South: Being Visible by Piercing the Stigma Veil. The Latino Commission’s Research and Evaluation Department, led by Miriam Y. Vega, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, along with her team, dedicated over two years on this community participatory research effort to make visible the powerful presence of Latinos in the South of the United States.

Latinos have been shaping a robust presence in every aspect of the southern region. They have been facing unique challenges as the United States recovers from the recent economic recession, day-to-day barriers in accessing healthcare, stigmatization and unique immigration challenges. This report documents how Latinos in the Deep South are firmly rooted, have grown and contributed to local communities, and have been adversely impacted by national and local policies. The publication highlights how healthcare is at times inaccessible and unavailable to Latinos. Additionally, it highlights the challenges of engaging Latinos in the Deep South, and how institutional stigma deeply marks Latinos.

Population of focus: Latinos in the southern states in the U.S.

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Date: 2015

Organization: Latino Commission on AIDS