“Whatever it is, Ask for Help.” Suicide Prevention Campaign for LGBT Youth by Trevor Project

Ask for Help is a PSA campaign that features empowering, first-person accounts of youth reaching out to friends, teachers, parents or counselors to promote the idea that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. Through these diverse videos, Ask for Help helps reduce the stigma surrounding help-seeking behavior and directly refers LGBTQ young people to The Trevor Project’s life-affirming resources.

Too often, we’re afraid to ask for help when we really need it. After all, asking for help isn’t always easy. When a young person is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning, this can be even tougher, especially if they face family rejection, discrimination, or barriers to accessing help. The truth is that no problem is too big or too small. It’s ok to ask for help.


Population of focus: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth

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Date: 2014

Organization: The Trevor Project