Evaluación e Intervención en Español: Teaching Clinical Social Work in Spanish

The University of Texas at El Paso have developed a new graduate elective in the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program called Evaluación e Intervención en Español (Assessment and Intervention in Spanish). This class, taught entirely in Spanish, is designed to train Spanish-speaking MSW students in culturally and linguistically competent clinical practice with Hispanic clients.

Students are taught concepts about mental health from a Hispanic perspective. They also engage in social work assessments and interventions with Spanish speaking Standardized Patients in mental health scenarios. Cases are videotaped and reviewed by students and faculty. Students master clinical skills by rehearsing and reviewing patient interactions. They are also taught culturally appropriate methods of engaging Hispanic clients as well as Spanish mental health terminology.

Population of focus: Spanish speaking students seeking a MSW degree

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Date: 2014

Organization: University of Texas at El Paso