Parenting and Emotion Regulation in the Adaptive and Academic Competencies of Chinese American Youth

In 2010, Jeffrey Liew launched Project CASL (Chinese American Successful Living) to study adolescents’ social-emotional and academic adjustment, the project findings are shared in this report.

This project examined the school adjustment of Chinese American high school students by conceptualizing school success as including academic and social-emotional domains. The authors collaborated with a network of Asian American community organizations and social services agencies in the Houston metropolitan area. This research was supported by a grant from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to Jeffrey Liew.

In Project CASL 2.0, Liew and his research team continue to track this sample of high school students who are transitioning into young adulthood and college.

Population of focus: Chinese American youth in Houston, Texas

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Date: 2014

Author: Jeffrey Liew