Memphis Circle of Love and Care

NNEDLearn 2013 Participant: Just Care Family Network

Description: The Memphis Circle of Love and Care was established by four female caregivers (parents and grandparents) of youth enrolled in the Just Care Family Network System of Care Project. They came together out of a desire to support each other, develop positive activities for themselves and their children and to learn new skills that will assist them in being better to themselves while they provide love and care to the children they love and care for.

The caregivers participating in this family group come together to share their stories, information and resources with others as they work towards getting the best possible help for their child with mental illness. They support each other and work with their wraparound team to make progress in achieving their family goals. The members serve as natural supports for each other by attending CFTMs, sharing childcare to offer respite, going out for social outings, attending trainings, etc.

Population of focus: Primarily African American, female caregivers, including grandparents of a child with mental illness at risk of being placed out of the home, or who is involved with the child welfare system or juvenile justice.

Setting: Community centers, Churches, Schools, Home

Level of focus: Individual, Family

Background: Just Care Family Network is a federally funded System of Care grant that began in 2008 to serve children with mental illness and their families in Shelby County (Memphis) Tennessee. The project provides high fidelity wraparound in support of these children and families to assure they have access to services and supports to meet their needs and to support, educate and empower them as they navigate the fragmented children’s service delivery system.


Nicole Wilkins

Earline Riley

Just Care Family Network
1750 Madison Avenue, Suite 501
Memphis TN 38104