Ventanillas de Bienestar: Fundamentals of Outreach & Enrollment to Latinos

Ventanillas de Bienestar is a webinar training initiative of the National Latino Behavioral Health Association developed to help community based organizations learn about effective outreach and enrollment strategies of uninsured Latino populations. With more than 50 millions Latinos in the United States and approximately 15 million who are uninsured, Ventanillas de Bienestar trains community based organizations on how to reach out to Latinos and how to assist them in enrolling them in Medicaid and health exchange programs.

This webinar, titled Ventanillas de Bienestar: Fundamentals of Outreach & Enrollment to Latinos, was held on August 14, 2013. The webinar provided an overview of outreach and enrollment for the Affordable Care Act to the Latino/a population. Presenters discussed successful strategies and existing gaps in outreach, and described how outreach activities and tools can be tailored for the Latino/a population.

The following are some resources and links mentioned during the webinar:

Population of focus: Latinos

Links to resource:

Date: 2013

Organization: National Latino Behavioral Health Association, Urban Strategies and National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health