Stigma, Mental Health, and Resilience in an Online Sample of the US Transgender Population

A study of 1,093 people identifying as male-to-female and female-to male transgender found a relationship between a person’s psychological distress and stigma. Among the participants, 44 percent had signs of depression, 33 percent had signs of anxiety, and 28 percent had mental health problems that were expressed in physical symptoms. According to the researchers, the results of this study support the theory that a hostile and homophobic environment can lead to mental health disparities among people who are transgender, as well as other sexual minorities. However, the researchers also found that support from other transgender people, as well as from family members when available, helped reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Another study by separate researchers indicated that many transgender people do not seek mental health services due to fear of stigma as well as the cost, previous negative experiences, and fear of mistreatment.

Population of focus: Transgender adults

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Date: 2013

Journal: American Journal of Public Health