Depression Fotonovela: Development of a Depression Literacy Tool for Latinos With Limited English Proficiency

Stigma, low health literacy, lack of knowledge, and misconceptions about depression are considered pervasive barriers contributing to the disparities Latino adults with limited English proficiency (LEP) face in accessing and receiving high-quality depression care. The development of culturally and linguistically appropriate health literacy tools, such as fotonovelas, can help address these barriers to depression care in the Latino community. Fotonovelas are booklets that use posed photographs with simple text bubbles to portray soap opera stories that convey educational messages. The aim of this study is to describe the development of a depression fotonovela adapted for Latinos with LEP. We present the conceptual model that informed this depression literacy tool and illustrate how findings from several studies were used to identify educational messages. Our production process delineates practical steps of how to use a multistakeholder approach to develop a health-related fotonovela. Implications for practice of this innovative depression literacy tool are discussed.

Population of focus: Latino adults with limited English proficiency

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Date: 2012

Journal: Health Promotion Practice