HIV Prevention Education through Community Health Educators in Salons

NNEDLearn 2013 Participant: AIDS Care

Objective: HIV/STD prevention education through Community Health Educators in Salons

Description: Get It Done utilizes African American and Latino barbers and hair dressers as Community Health Educators to provide HIV/STD prevention messages and information about substance abuse and treatment. The program also provides convenient access to HIV Testing, through the use of AIDS Care’s (now Trillium Health) mobile unit.

Barbers and hair stylists participating in the program have provided HIV/STD group sessions to 1,871 consumers and another 2,129 consumers were reached by one on one dialogues. In 2009 the initiative reached 4,000 consumers.

Population of focus: Black and Hispanic Heterosexual men and women

Setting: Salons and Barber shops

Level of Intervention: Individual, Community

Background: Get It Done was created in 2003 under the leadership of Black Men Latino Men Health Crisis, Inc. The focus then was on the HIV/STD prevention needs of marginalized communities of Black and Hispanic Heterosexual men and women. In 2009, Get It Done became a program of AIDS Care.


Jackie Dozier
Minority Health Initiatives Program Coordinator
259 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607