Rainbow Welcome – A Field Manual for LGBT Refugee Resettlement

Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights has released Rainbow Response: A Practical Guide to Resettling LGBT Refugees and Asylees. This publication is intended to support resettlement service providers in their efforts to tailor core services and meet the specific needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender refugees and asylees. Heartland Alliance developed Rainbow Response while conducting a series of regional training workshops this year. The manual is a product of the feedback and insight from refugees, asylees, and resettlement caseworkers across the country.

Across the globe, individuals are fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. The housing, employment, health, and safety concerns shared by LGBT refugees upon their arrival are unique and require specialized interventions. Rainbow Response, a 65-page how-to guide, addresses the vulnerabilities faced by LGBT refugees and asylees and offers recommendations to resettlement agencies on how they can strengthen service delivery to this community. Interspersed with case scenarios and quizzes, this interactive manual presents best practices for facilitating LGBT refugees’ social integration and self-sufficiency.

Population of focus: LGBT Refugees and Asylees

Link to resource: http://www.rainbowwelcome.org/about-us/feature-archives?featureID=6

Organization: Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights

Date: 2012