Latino Multifamily Group (Latino MFG) Program

NNED Community of Practice: Latino Multifamily Group (Latino MFG) Program

The Latino Multifamily Group (Latino MFG) program facilitates the involvement of Spanish-speaking Latino families in mental health services for their ill family members. Based on the Multifamily Group program first developed by Dr. William McFarlane and widely validated, the Latino MFG program is presented in Spanish and is culturally-adapted, with learning materials for professionals in English. The Latino adaptation also is based on many years of work by Dr. Alex Kopelowicz, including a seven-year NIMH research study.

Population of focus

Spanish-speaking Latino families


A Latino MFG Manual, published in April 2011, includes learning activities related to content, effective implementation and sustainability of this program. It also has printable forms for use in MFG sessions. Also downloadable are (click and scroll to end of page):

  1. A one-page Latino MFG project summary,
  2. Three evaluation reports on pilot implementations of the Latino MFG,
  3. General background pieces and reports about MFG and reports on the Latino MFG project,
  4. Simple pre- and post- evaluation forms to measure the impact of staff training,
  5. Two brief forms to gather information about Joining sessions and about family supports,
  6. A Family Interview form in both English and Spanish that can be used to gather input at the beginning of an MFG program,
  7. Pre- and post clinical data forms to gather information on adolescent clients,
  8. Interview forms to gather input from group facilitators and agency administrators after a group has ended
  9. Five PowerPoints usable for (1) introducing mental health agency staff to the Latino MFG concept, (2) training staff in how to implement the program, and (3-5) conducting family psychoeducational workshops focused on adolescent clients with depression, ADHD or PTSD/anxiety, and
  10. Seven “video vignettes” that illustrate aspects of the Joining, Problem-Solving and Psychoeducational Workshop components of the Latino MFG program.

Watch the informational webinar of the NNED Community of Practice Latino MultiFamily Group