ConnectFamilias / Little Havana Community Partnership

ConnectFamilias/ Little Havana Community Partnership is built on the premise that children do better when their families are strong, and that families do better when they live in neighborhoods that help them succeed as productive citizens. ConnectFamilias is building a comprehensive, neighborhood based and family focused system of care.

ConnectFamilias promotes family and community safety by increasing community awareness, in Little Havana and surrounding neighborhoods. ConnectFamilias’ service delivery model is designed to improve the well-being of the children, youth, and families it serves by reducing violence and delivering non-duplicative, culturally appropriate and seamless services.

Population of focus

Children, youth and families in Little Havana, Miami FL


ConnectFamilias promotes family and community safety by helping families in Little Havana manage their external environment, building neighbors’ capacity to take on formal and informal leadership roles in their community and address the needs of children, youth and their families to improve neighborhood safety. The Service Provider Network, an integrated network of service providers and Community Health Workers/Natural Helpers, ensures families have services that work for them and are connected to formal and informal supports within their neighborhood. They work closely with the City of Miami, City of Miami police, various offices within Miami-Dade County, and Miami-Dade Public Schools in order to coordinate and leverage existing community resources.


200 South Biscayne Blvd, # 505, Miami, FL 33131
(305) 371-2711